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  • 🌐 Why your internet is slow

  • 🍅 Ripen your tomatoes quicker

  • 💊 Chewing Aspirin during a heart attack

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Ever wonder why your internet seems slower than what you signed up for? It's likely due to a mix-up between Megabits and Megabytes in your plan.

Here's the deal: one Megabyte equals eight Megabits. So, when you see 150 Mbps, that's not the same as 18 MB/s. T

o get the speed you're actually paying for, remember this unit conversion. Mbps might sound snappier, but it's the Megabytes that count when gauging your internet's performance.


You can accelerate your tomato ripening by placing them in a box alongside a ripe banana. When you do this, you're tapping into the science of ethylene gas.

Bananas are natural ethylene producers, and ethylene acts as a plant hormone, triggering the ripening process.

The gas interacts with the enzymes in your tomatoes, promoting the conversion of starches into sugars. And before you know it, you’ll have a box full of ripe tomatoes… and one REALLY ripe banana!


The age-old advice of taking aspirin during a heart attack is indeed valid, yet the crucial detail often missed is the necessity to chew it, not just swallow.

Chewing ensures the quickest delivery of its life-saving effects through blood vessels in the mouth, bypassing the slower digestive process.

Avoiding enteric-coated tablets is also key, as they work slowly even when chewed. So, next time you reach for aspirin during a heart attack, remember: chew for a swifter response and better chances of survival.



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