🍰 Upgrade your cake mix

ALSO: The 5-2-1 method

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  • 🍰 Upgrade your cake mix

  • 🤔 The 5-2-1 method

  • 🌳 Listen to trees from around the world

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Let's be honest, cake mix doesn't stand a chance when compared to the real thing, BUT, if you're going to make it straight from a package the best thing you can do is use real butter instead of oil, milk instead of water, and add one extra egg.

This will make it taste like you made it from scratch (just don't tell anyone it's cake mix).


Having trouble deciding where to dine with your significant other? Enter the 5-2-1 game! Present five restaurant options, have them select two, and then you make the final choice from those two.

Problem solved, and dinner decisions become a breeze! No more back-and-forth; it's a simple and fun way to settle on the perfect spot. Give it a try and wave goodbye to dining dilemmas!


Need a backdrop for your work or study session? On Tree.fm you can listen to real forests from different locations all around the world.

It's like teleporting to different corners of the world without leaving your desk. Let the sounds of nature be your productivity soundtrack. Explore the soothing rustle of leaves and the gentle symphony of birds from various locations around the world. 🌳 🎶



  1. Gift card discounts. This holiday season you can save hundreds by buying your gift cards at Costco. (LINK) 

  2. Clean your washing machine. A little vinegar and baking soda go a long way when cleaning your washing machine. (LINK)

  3. Getting started with kettle bells. A complete beginners guide to excercising with kettle bells. (LINK)

  4. Sustainable refrigeration. 10 decisions you can make to help you refrigerate sustainably. (LINK)

  5. How to read plant tags. Plant tags are vital for helping you choose your green friends wisely, here's what to know about them. (LINK)

More links tomorrow!


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