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ALSO: Surviving a fall through thin ice

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  •  Three finger anxiety trick

  • 🍎 Are fruit stickers edible?

  • 🧊 Surviving a fall through thin ice

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You can combat any anxiety attack by locating the pressure point three fingers down from your wrist's top and gently pressing with your thumb.

This technique, rooted in acupressure, activates a calming response, releasing tension and promoting relaxation.

Beyond anxiety relief, it's an invaluable tool for preemptively tackling nerves before significant events, such as job interviews or a first date. The practice is discreet and only takes a couple seconds, making it an easily accessible resource in your stress-management toolkit.


Did you know it’s completely safe to eat the stickers on fruit? It’s true! They're totally safe to eat. Every fruit in the store comes with these labels, but if you accidentally bite into one, no need to freak out.

They're made with food-grade materials, including the glue that sticks them on. Still, it's probably best not to make a habit of snacking on all the labels during your next grocery run. Stick to the fruits themselves for a tasty treat!


If you ever find yourself in a precarious situation on thin ice, follow this straightforward rescue method: lie down on your stomach and crawl back in the direction you came from.

The ice you've previously traversed is likely more robust, and crawling distributes your weight, minimizing the risk. Maintaining a low profile and moving at a measured pace will significantly enhance your chances of reaching safe, solid ground.

By adopting this careful approach, you can navigate the situation with greater confidence and reduce the potential hazards associated with thin ice. Stay safe!



  1. Washing a sleeping bag. How to NOT struggle while you put that sleeping bag in the washing machine. (LINK)

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  3. Cutting out salt. Here’s what removing just one spoonful of salt from your diet can do. (LINK)

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