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ALSO: Try a tattoo before it’s permanent

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  • 💘 Try a tattoo before it’s permanent

  • 🫧 Cleaning bottles with denture tablets

  • 🖼️ The perfect picture frame height

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Contemplating getting a tattoo? You should look into MomentaryInk.com before you get anything that will be on your body forever!

This website lets you convert your idea into a temporary tattoo, providing a risk-free trial before making any commitment. Who knows, maybe after a week of having it on your body, you’ll decide that it’s not for you.

By testing it out beforehand, you can ensure it aligns with your vision and resonates with you, and safely take the next permanent step!


Having trouble cleaning those stubborn old water bottles? Try using some unflavoured denture cleaning tablets—they're not just affordable at around $6 for 120 tablets, but also scientifically designed for effective cleaning.

The secret lies in their effervescent action. When dropped into water, the tablets release oxygen bubbles, creating a fizzy solution. This bubbling action reaches into those tight spots, you simply can’t reach with a cloth or dish washer.

So, next time your water bottle seems like it’s never going to lose that smell, let the power of denture cleaning tablets save the day!


If you're uncertain about the perfect spot for your picture on the wall, here's a simple guide: aim for a height of 57 inches (145cm).

Why 57 inches? It's the recognized standard in art galleries, ensuring an optimal viewing experience.

So by placing your artwork at this height, you’re displaying your pictures at the same height as the Mona Lisa, or the Starry Night, ultimately creating the most appealing and harmonious display.



  1. Are depression and procrastination connected? A scientific look into the relationship between depression and procrastination. (LINK) 

  2. How to spray paint safely. Tips and tricks from professionals on how to spray paint safely. (LINK)

  3. Get rid of muscle knots. Several proven strategies that will help you sit, stand and move freely again. (LINK)

  4. Lab grown superplants. Small susiness to sell ‘superplants’ that remove 30x more indoor pollutants than normal. (LINK)

  5. Keep mice out of your house. 6 things that could potentially inviting mice into your home. (LINK)

More links tomorrow!


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