🌩️ How to survive a lightning storm

ALSO: No more stinky containers

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In yesterday’s email I wrote about an eco-friendly font called Century Gothic, which I had a few people reach out to say it wasn’t offered on Word (I use Google Docs which has it). But with further research an almost identical substitute is a font called Grafic, which Word does offer.

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  • 🌩️ How to survive a lightning storm

  • 🫙 No more stinky containers

  • 🧄 How food changes your sweat

  • 💻 5 Helpful links

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Tired of opening containers only to be hit with an unpleasant odor? Say goodbye to stinky surprises with one simple solution… SALT! 

Before stashing any container away, whether it be for the night or for a year, sprinkle in a pinch of salt and seal the lid tightly.

Why salt? It's a natural absorbing agent that works wonders in keeping the air inside clean and fresh.

This easy hack not only prevents lingering odours but also ensures that your stored items remain untainted.

No more whiff of yesterday's leftovers! A dash of salt today keeps the stink away tomorrow!


Lets hope every lightning storm you’re inside with a blanket and cup of hot chocolate. But if you’re not, take these tips into consideration, as they will up your chances of survival if you’re ever caught outside during a lightning storm:

  • Always avoid open fields, elevated mountaintops, and watery areas—these are lightning magnets.

  • Seek refuge between rocks or in caves, creating a low profile.

  • Never, under any circumstances, lie flat on the ground; this increases the risk of a lightning strike. Instead, crouch down on the balls of your feet to minimize contact with the earth.

  • Distance is your ally, so maintain at least 15 feet from others to prevent a lightning jump.

  • Lastly, steer clear of tall objects like trees and poles. With these precautions, you can weather the storm wisely.


The saying "you are what you eat" takes on a very literal meaning when it comes to your sweat.

Recent studies have shown that consuming sulfur-rich foods like garlic and onions, have a much bigger impact on our sweat's scent than we previously thought.

These compounds enter the bloodstream during digestion and eventually surface in our sweat, ramping up the potency of our personal sweaty fragrance. In other words, sulfur = stinky.

Conversely, chlorophyll-packed leafy greens counteract odors, contributing to a fresher aroma. It's a reminder that our dietary choices extend beyond taste, leaving a fragrant signature on our skin.

So, if you want to smell good, think beyond the deodorant—check your plate! 



  1. Warren Buffet’s 2 List Strategy - How to narrow down the top things in your life that you should focus on. (LINK) 

  2. Should You Take Cold Showers? - An article breaking down why you should regularly take cold showers. (LINK)

  3. Whole Foods Shopping Hacks - 20 of the best Whole Foods hacks by people who shop there every day. (LINK)

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  5. Sex Protects Your Brain - A study of how having sex when your older has multiple health benefits for your brain. (LINK)

More links tomorrow!


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