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Hack of the day: Never buy a home security system from a door-to-door salesman. Spend the extra money and go with a reliable company that YOU approach.

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  • 🕵️ Stop seeing ads for past purchases

  • ❄️ Make snow removal a breeze

  • 💰 Secret ETSY discounts

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Frustrated with a barrage of ads for items you've already purchased? Here's a straightforward fix: Conduct all your online shopping within a private browsing window. 

Why? Because companies use cookies to track people that have already been to their website, and they then retarget them on platforms like Facebook, Foutube, Google, etc.

So by shopping in incognito mode (or a private browser) you can block all those cookies!

Alternatively, after completing your purchase, you can just delete your browsing history for the same result.


Tired of snow clinging to your shovel? Here's a quick fix: apply car wax before shovelling. The wax creates a slick barrier, preventing snow from sticking and allowing you to clear your driveway much faster and with less muscle!

Just give your shovel a good coating before heading out, and you'll be amazed at how smoothly it glides through the snow. This trick works especially well with metal shovels.


If you're eyeing a purchase on ETSY, here's a savvy move: favorite the item first. Sellers commonly reward this gesture with discounts or special promotions, ranging from 10-15% off.

It's a straightforward strategy—simply click that heart icon. By doing so, you not only express interest but also unlock potential savings. Many sellers value customers who engage in this way, creating a win-win situation.

So, before you finalize your order, make sure to sprinkle a bit of love on your chosen items. Happy shopping!



  1. Front porch Christmas ideas. Adorn your front porch with Christmas cheer using these stylish ideas from Instagram and TikTok. (LINK) 

  2. New cardiovascular study. Good cardiovascular habits can knock 6 years off your biological age according to new study. (LINK)

  3. Tap water vs. Fiji water. An interesting video explaining all the differences between tap water and Fiji water. (LINK)

  4. No more window condensation. Say goodbye to condensation on your windows with this simple tip. (LINK)

  5. A smart spoon for Parkinson’s. Boy invents smart spoon for his uncle’s trembling hands so he can eat properly. (LINK)

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