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The next time you’re shopping at Target, take a close look at the last number in an items price. There are a few important things that this can tell you.

For starters, if the price ends in 8, it’s signalling staff that it’s an item that will eventually be marked down again soon. In other words, there will be a sale on that item in the near future.

If the price ends in 4, it means there’s no more room for profit on that item, and therefore it’s the lowest that it will ever be.

Target also has a markdown schedule that they stick to on a regular basis.

  • Children’s clothing, stationary, and electronics are marked down on Mondays.

  • Women’s clothing and domestics are marked down on Tuesdays.

  • Men’s clothing, toys, and health and beauty is Wednesdays.

  • Lingerie, shoes, and housewares is Thursdays

  • And cosmetics are marked down on Fridays.

Happy shopping!


Here's a quick hack for turbocharging your plant growth:

Instead of tossing out the water you used to cook your vegetables, save it and give your plants a nutrient boost. This water is packed with vitamins and minerals from the veggies.

Just be cautious—make sure it's free of salt or cooking oil before using it to water your plants. With this easy and eco-friendly trick, you'll be amazed at how quickly your plants will flourish. Go green and watch your garden thrive with this simple watering strategy!


Annoying song on repeat in your mind? Meet your mental escape route: the Zeigarnik effect.

This nifty psychological trick says our brains cling to unfinished business, like that catchy tune looping in your head.

The solution? Don't fight it—belt out the entire song or give it a full listen.

Our brains are wired to seek out completion, and by completing the full musical loop, it tricks your brain into thinking, "Mission accomplished," and it lets go.

It's the brain's way of saying, "I got closure, now let's move on."



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More links tomorrow!


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