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  • 🍎 The science of storing apples

  • 🥘 Mess-free cooking with foil

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There’s a long shipping process that ice cream takes before your ice cream hits the shelf, and sometimes it can be left not properly refrigerated on its journey.

If you want to tell which ones haven’t been properly stored, just press on the top of the ice cream container. If it’s solid, it’s been properly stored. If it can be pushed down, it’s been thawed and then refrozen. Make sure you buy yourself a solid one.


When it comes to storing your apples, a little distance goes a long way in keeping your fruits and veggies fresh. Apples have a trick up their sleeve—they emit a gas called ethylene as they ripen.

This gas can be a friend or a foe. If your apples cozy up with other fruits and vegetables, their ethylene can speed up the ripening process of their neighbors.

To keep things crisp and delicious, it's wise to store apples separately. Give them some breathing room, and you'll ensure a longer life for all your fresh produce, creating a happier, tastier kitchen.


When preparing meals on aluminum foil, start by crumpling the foil before laying it loosely on your baking tray.

This method serves a dual purpose—by creating pockets within the foil, it allows the juices from your food to be retained, enhancing flavors and preventing messy spills in your oven.

Additionally, this crumpling technique significantly reduces the likelihood of your food sticking to the foil, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable cooking experience.



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