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ALSO: Cure your headache with almonds

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  • 📚 5 Free (and legal) online libraries

  • 💯 Use Google to ace your exams

  • 🥜 Cure your headache with almonds

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Check out these five awesome online libraries where you can read, download, and even listen to tons of books without spending a dime! And they’re all legal!

  1. Librivox.org is a volunteer-driven platform offering free audiobooks of public domain literature, bringing classic books to life through community-recorded audio.

  2. Archive.org is a digital library providing access to an extensive collection of free content, including books, music, and movies, fostering open access to cultural heritage.

  3. Annas-archive.org is a personal project sharing a diverse range of free e-books, showcasing a collection curated by a passionate individual.

  4. Gutenberg.org, the Project Gutenberg website, is a digital library offering over 60,000 free e-books, including many literary classics, fostering the distribution of cultural works.

  5. Libbyapp.com is a user-friendly app connected to local libraries, enabling users to borrow and enjoy a wide range of e-books and audiobooks for free, seamlessly connecting readers with their favourite titles.


One of the best way to study is by taking a mock test on the given subject at hand.

Pretending like you’re in a test setting, with questions you’ve never seen before, can boost your confidence before taking the real exam. And there’s a simple way you can find a bunch of real tests on Google.

Simply type in “site:edu and then ‘your desired subject’ followed by exam”. For example, if you’re have a biology test coming up just google “site:edu biology exam”.

You’ll get a bunch of different exams that you can use to study from.


Got a pesky headache? Before you reach for the pill bottle, consider this nutty alternative—grab a handful of almonds!

These crunchy powerhouses are packed with magnesium, a mineral known to relax blood vessels and ease nerve excitability, which can contribute to headache relief.

Munching on 10-12 almonds provides a decent magnesium dose, potentially mitigating that head-thumping sensation and getting you back to feeling great without taking any drugs!.



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  4. Losing Weight After 40: 10 Ways To Drop Pounds And Build Muscle, According To Weight Loss Experts. (LINK)

  5. Why you shouldn't cover your turkey in foil once it's cooked. (LINK)

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