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ALSO: The 4-7-8 sleep method

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Hack of the day: When testing your fire alarms pay attention to where your pets hide. This is most likely where they’ll go in the case of an emergency.

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  • 🛌🏻 Get to sleep with the 4-7-8 method

  • 🚗 Car wash rain check policies

  • 🛫 Find the best restaurant at the airport

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Tossing and turning at night? Try the 4-7-8 method, a simple way to get yourself to dreamland.

Here’s how: 

  1. Start by inhaling through your nose, counting to 4.

  2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds.

  3. Release the stress and exhale slowly for 8 seconds.

  4. Repeat until you fall asleep.

This rhythmic breathing pattern calms the nervous system, promoting relaxation and coaxing you into a restful slumber.

Make the 4-7-8 method your bedtime ritual for a peaceful transition from the chaos of the day to the blissful realm of dreams. Sweet dreams!


Tired of seeing your freshly washed car spoiled by an unexpected downpour? Well, here's a handy tip that might just brighten your day.

Many car washes have a nifty rain check policy that could save you from that post-shower disappointment.

It's a simple concept—within two days of your initial wash, if a rainstorm decides to play spoilsport and dirties up your gleaming ride, you're entitled to a free rewash. It's like a little insurance policy against the whims of weather.

Not all car washes offer this policy, but chances are somewhere locally does. And it’s worth finding out which ones! Also, Don't forget to hold onto that receipt!


When seeking the ideal airport dining, always look for where the flight attendants and crew are eating.

Chances are they’ve been there many times previously, and have tried most of the restaurants/dining areas out. Therefore, they’ll gravitate towards the highest quality establishment.

So follow their lead, and you can find the best place to eat at the airport within seconds!



  1. Website for matching the perfect dog - Someone created a website that helps you match with a dog that perfectly fits your lifestyle and personality. (LINK) 

  2. Stop letting vines grow on your house - You may think it looks good but here’s why you shouldn’t let it happen. (LINK)

  3. Dealing with garage door rust - How to properly deal with those rusty garage doors. (LINK)

  4. Google launches tool that predicts floods - The latest Google project uses AI to predict floods! (LINK)

  5. How to remove pumpkin stains - With Halloween next week, you might want to know the secret to removing pumpkin stains. (LINK)

More links tomorrow!


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