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ALSO: Your minimum wage rights

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Hack of the day: Don’t want to share your dessert or snack with your kids? Just tell them there’s alcohol in it.

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  • 🥤 7 Quick smoothie hacks

  • 💰 Your minimum wage rights

  • 🎉 How to win at hangman

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  1. Rinse the blender out immediately so you only have to wash it every other time.

  2. Add plain yogurt. This with oatmeal makes a complete protein.

  3. Always try adding some healthy veggies like Cabbage, Kale, or Spinach. You won’t even taste them!

  4. Skip some or all ice, and use frozen fruit. This saves time and is more filling.

  5. Frozen juice concentrate is much easier to keep on hand than fresh juice.

  6. Oatmeal is cheap, filling, healthy and turns your drink into a meal.

  7. Layer from softest (banana) to hardest (frozen ingredients), add liquid last.


If you find yourself in a job paying at or near the minimum wage, here's a nugget of wisdom: your hard-earned dollars should stay yours.

Employers legally can not dock your pay for uniforms, steel-toe boots, missing cash, stolen meals, damages, or any other surprise expenses. By law, you're entitled to receive at least the minimum wage, untarnished by such deductions.

It's not just a suggestion—it's your right. So, next time you clock in, rest easy knowing your paycheck should reflect the minimum wage, no strings attached.


You can now win any game of hangman you play, as long as you are the one picking the word.

All you have to do is memorize a few words that are nearly impossible to guess. The words Sphynx, Gypsy, Rhythm, Zephyr, Miscellaneous, Myth, Lynx, and Numb are all great choices.

Due to the uncommon spellings and vowel use in these words, they tend to trick peoples brains when there are letters missing.



  1. Become 37.78 times better. James Clear (author of Atomic Habits) goes over how small habits can create huge changes. (LINK) 

  2. Improve your focus. 4 excercise you can do on a daily basis that will improve your focus. (LINK)

  3. 10 Unusual uses for baby oil. This common household item isn't just for babies anymore! (LINK)

  4. The science behind nasal congestion. Everything you thought you knew about nasal congestion is wrong. (LINK)

  5. Sleep on a Couch Without Hurting. Sleeping on the couch doesn’t have to be a nightmare. (LINK)

More links tomorrow!


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